Grønn diakoni

Conference presenters

Picture1 Biologist David Muturi Kenya

  • Planting of trees and training in nursery operation brings new hope among IDPs in Kenya.
Picture2 Business Admin. Øistein Garcia de Presno 

  • Commitment to family-nurseries brings hope both in the slums and in the countryside.
Picture3 Civil Agronomist, Arne Dragsund, Board chairman – AFRI

  • From psychiatric patient to vegetable and fruit farmer in Malagasy village.
  • Green Diakonia as part of the treatment of mentally ill people in Madagascar
Picture4 Consultant Staffan Göransson, chairman of Eden Foundation, Niger

  • The increased prosperity for a large number of poor people in Niger come from underexploited trees and shrubs that can give food – lost treasures of Eden.
Picture5 Director Communications Department, Anthony Marocha, ELCK Kenya                   

  • Establishing nurseries, operation and forestation in the network of schools and churches in ElCK (Skype transfer).
Picture6 Archbishop Rev. Dr. Walter Obara Omwanza, ELCK Kenya

  • GREEN Diakonia with nursery operation as a framework for rehabilitation of widows, handicapped and orphans in African church communities (Skype transfer).
Picture7 Civil Agronomist, Ketil Fuglestad, CEO of foundation AFRI & NGO StS

  • Erosion: Prevention and Rehabilitation as climate and environmental measures in Ethiopia – North Korea and Tanzania. (Skype transfer)
Picture8 Missionary priest, Jack of All Trades, Hans Birger Neergård

  • »Well, Wheels and Plow»-Three important issues in poverty reduction
  • Etiopia